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Cooma's development power and technology

Cooma always meets the challenge.  
Cooma raises “technological innovation one step ahead of other companies and makes efforts in research and development on a daily basis. Below, we introduce the development power and technology of Cooma, cultivated while repeating various trials and errors during the history of about 90 years since the founding of the company, during which we have continued to pursue only sock products.

Cooma's development power and technology?
Cooma’s integrated production process starting from dyeing, unique to the industry Cooma carries out everything from dyeing to manufacture and shipping in an internal integrated process.
Cooma’s integrated production process
Yarn is immersed in chemical agents when in its original color to create yarn of various elastic force using innovations that change the original properties of the yarn.
Dyeing technology staff continue to meet the challenge of R&D day and night and have produced about 50,000 sample colors since the founding of the company.
With Cooma’s original dyeing technology, cultivated through repeating research upon research, we are able to handle the wide-ranging needs of customers.
Cooma was also the first company to introduce computers for color matching.
Cooma has about 50,000 sample colors, which technology staffs have produced by repeating research activities day and night.
Cooma’s development power and technology
Cooma’s unique advanced knitting technology
Advanced knitting technology is required for the development of highly functional socks. There are some cases where 200 combinations of knitting patterns are used into a single sock and this requires very advanced technology.
Development and plant divisions have realized more advanced knitting technology based on thoroughgoing discussions and mutual understanding.
Cooma develops all of the company’s software internally as well.
Advanced knitting technology realizable with the thorough understanding of the Development Division and Production Division

Cooma’s development power and technology
Athletes are always challenging the limits of their bodies.
Cooma requests the help of athletes for cooperation in the test-wearing of products and seeks their opinions actively, working day in day out on research and development for the production of socks that will draw out even greater potential.
Based upon human engineering, Cooma repeats research upon research into socks from various perspectives such as moderating the impact on the feet during sport or the improvement of flexibility.
We are continuing development that can be of help to the many people who love sports and that a wide range of sports and athletes have supported.
Cooma proactively incorporates industry-academia cooperation and opinions from all fields into research and development

Cooma’s development power and technology
The crystallization of efforts continued in the pursuit only of socks
The crystallization of efforts continued in the pursuit only of socks The mainstream products in the sock industry are currently low priced items manufactured overseas. Cooma cannot possibly hope to succeed in competition waged at low prices.
However, we have never lost in price competition based on the power of advanced technology. Since the founding of the company, Cooma has continued to pursue highly functional socks under the theme of advanced development power and technology rather than price. There is no doubt that there are various needs for socks and not only from sportspeople and the aged. We work on each and every one of those formidable challenges and continue to aim at product development that makes customers wonder why they have never come across us before.
Highly functional products that Cooma delivers with confidence

Cooma’s development power and technology

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